Fashion Acronyms

STFU meaning

Has it happened to you that some people that you follow use some hashtags that don’t make any sense!? Well it used to happen a lot to me, so I had to look for the fashion industry acronyms so my social media experience is not as confusing haha. Obviously what I found I want to share with you and I hope it can help you like it helped me =D.

  ¿Les ha pasado que siguen a ciertas personas y algunos de sus hashtags aparentemente no tienen ¡ningún sentido!? Pues a mí me pasaba mucho y tuve que encontrar los acrónimos de la industria de la moda para que mi experiencia en redes sociales no sea tan confusa haha. Obviamente lo que encontré quiero compartirlo con ustedes y espero que sea de la misma ayuda que fue para mí =D.

AOP – all over print

BB – beauty balm

BCBG – bon chic, bon genre

BIN – buy it now

BNWT – brand new with tags

CC – complexion correction

FROW – front row

LBD – little black dress

LWD – little white dress

LFW – London Fashion Week

LVMH – Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy

MFW – Milan Fashion Week

NYFW – New York Fashion Week

OOTD – outfit of the day

OTK – over the knee

OTT – over the top

OTW – one to watch

PFW – Paris Fashion Week

PPW – price per wear

RTW– ready-to-wear

SFLB – short in the front, long in the back

TBT: throw-Back Thursday

TDF – to die for

VPL – visible panty line

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